Workshops With Swami Umesh Yogi

Since 1998, Swami Umesh Yogi travels all over India and Europe to promote peace.

His spiritual teachings revolve around attaining personal inner peace through the spiritual philosophy of the Vedas, Yoga, Prana Sadhana, Meditation & bhakti. His philosophy is that once people have a simple, daily practice, reaching a state of inner peace and inner fulfillment is simply a matter of time. His mission is to guide society towards enlightenment through practical steps so that we can all enjoy a more enlightened world.


Prana sadhana

Prana sadhana is a spiritual practice that develops inner health and vitality through different practices and techniques. Prana is energy and life, therefore it is important that in our physiology prana is flowing freely. When prana does not flow, diseases arises.

Prana sadhana is a practice that enlivens the life force within each of us to experience greater health, happiness and vitality.


Healing Hand

In this workshop you will discover the inner healing power locked within you. Once realized, you will be able to access healing power to heal yourself and others. This technique, when practiced consistently, is a method for connecting to your inner balance and flow of energy and bring healing to your life.

Ayurvedic Cooking & Lifestyle

Food is one of the most important factors for health.

Ayurvedic Cooking is the science of preparing meals in accordance with your physiology to promote balance, health and spiritual growth. Swami Umesh Yogi in his workshops teaches what types of foods are good for different people and how to prepare them.


Satsang and Kirtan

Bhakti means devotion. Devotion is the most powerful tool a Yogi has in their disposal. Devotion to your practice allows you to evolve quickly.

Devotion to your body allows you to keep it in good health.

Devotion to your teachers allows you to learn and grow as quickly as possible and devotion to others allows you to dissolve your ego through service and devotion to the divine allows you to see it in every person place and thing.

Swami Umesh Yogi teaches the importance of devotion through Satsang and Kirtan.


Tours For Peace

Throughout his travels, Swami Umesh Yogi has seen that there was a level of deep dissatisfaction with life in devotees. When teaching his workshops in he saw that the environment that children grew up in was not the most ideal for allowing creativity, peace, and inner fulfilment.

He now works with schools, teachers, community centers and administrators on giving workshops and seminars to create programs that promote inner peace and creativity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower a harmonious society where citizens are fulfilled, productive, proactive and happy.

Swami Umesh Yogi has been sharing his practical and easy peace systems throughout the world for the past 18 years. In that time he has taught tens of thousands of people throughout Europe, India and the United States.

One-by-one and country-by-country, let’s make every person and every nation great again.

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