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Peace Education

What is Peace Education?

Peace Education is the study of peace and peace is the most healthy, natural state of being. The fundamental aspects of Peace Studies are individual, social and environmental peace.

The purpose of education is to bring knowledge, to make us smarter, to allow us to be better contributors to our families, our societies, our associations and ourselves. Without peace, all of the knowledge in the world cannot serve anyone anywhere in any significant way.

Peace Education is completely non-religious. It is practice and theory that trains people to release their stress and negativity and utilize their maximum creative intelligence. The Peace Education system increases the alpha waves of the mind and brings perfect balance and the coherence of peace consciousness.

Peace Education is a solution for:





Psychosomatic Conditions


Low Self Esteem


Sleep-Related Conditions




Conflicts:  Relationships; Jobs; Economics; Religious



There is no shortage of global attention on peace in the form of Peace Marches, Peace Initiatives, Peace Projects, Peace Organizations, Peace Gatherings, Peace Funds, but still the world has not experienced the positive effects of peace. Simply put, this is the time for a practical approach that educates people for peace because education is the only way to grow the mindset of peace.

Science is validating that what was taught in the ancient Vedic literature is unequivocally true:


Illness in one community causes distress and disharmony in another…

My happiness affects you and yours impacts me…

What happens to one affects the other as we are all interconnected…


OUR VISION:  One great world where organizations, corporations, societies, communities, religious institutions, families, individuals, adults, children and PEOPLE fulfill their highest potential and contribute to a world that is happy, productive and harmonious. This world is possible through PEACE EDUCATION.

Who are we?

We are a global team whose mission is to bring the Peace Education Proposal to the government of every nation so that we can educate people about peace; we can educate people to attain peace; and transform people by teaching them to know the feeling of peace.

This is how:

  • 1 PERSON at a time through individual support, education, and coaching;

  • 1 COMMUNITY at a time through awareness, collaboration and re-education in our local schools & universities;

  • 1 CITY, STATE, COUNTRY at a time through diplomatic outreach, vision-building, support and education of our leaders and their organizations.



Leaders Creating Social Change to Make Nations Great Again!

We believe that true leaders have a responsibility to the world and good leaders feel that responsibility deeply. As Peace Leaders, we are bringing Peace Education to our world.

We have seen a dire need for practical tools to empower individual and societal peace. This need for peace is urgent! The stresses and fears that cause us to feel separate from one another are destroying our society and its systems.

We believe that governments have the social responsibility to empower the maximal potential in their people and their enterprises. PEACE EDUCATION can quickly and effectively produce results in creating peace consciousness. We want to empower our governmental leaders with the tools necessary to create this change.

We once relied upon religious & spiritual institutions to impart the structure and guidance that helped to create coherent, happy people. These institutions helped to keep integrity around ethics and values. Now though, even their morals and values have degraded and diminished.

Once families were a unified entity that functioned to support not only their own needs, but the needs of their local and regional communities. Now, the family unit is nearly an unrecognizable construct.

Not so long ago, educational institutions were a place for our young and growing minds to go safely to acquire the skills needed to become healthy, helpful, productive members of our society. In most recent days, these institutions of learning have become the target of those with unresolved hostility and emotional distress.

The moral and ethical breakdown in our spiritual, religious, and educational institutions combined with the heightened stress and fracturing of our family units have disturbed and devalued our first safe haven, our first training ground for education and knowledge, our first experience of community.

Who can supply the service these institutions once provided to society and community? Who will educate? Who will create the community of safety and harmony that the world so desperately needs? How will individuals learn the importance of coming together for the betterment of all? Who will teach that the individual is the foundational unit of the collective? Peace Educators are needed in the society to provide the knowledge and the practical tools for our populations to pull themselves up and make their nations great again!


Swami Umesh Yogi & Ambassador of India to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr. Manjeev Singh Puri
Swami Umesh Yogi & Ambassador of India to the European Union, Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr. Manjeev Singh Puri

A Solution: Health, Harmony, Prosperity

An end to Violence

In our years as Peace Educators, we have seen this curriculum restore health, support community well being, foster economic development, improve body and mind, making way for the integration of heart.

In the current year of 2018, there is an extraordinary ability to share information and knowledge through the blessing of technology. There is unlimited potential for the manufacture of goods, a result of the robust age of the industrial revolution. There is advanced knowledge in medical science and prolific practice of spirituality and religion all over the planet. However, when one looks around, evidence abounds that stress, violence, aggression, unhappiness, systemic tensions and a lack of peace all are threatening productive behavior and the legacy of human life on our planet. Many are sick and few are healthy. Many have access to information, but few have access to wisdom. War is a business and peace is a concept that seems to remain in conversations, but cannot find its way into our relationships. Tensions are high and, from the individual to the global collective, there is no peace. NOW is the time and we believe that the necessary change is about to emerge!

It is up to you to make a choice.

It is time for you to BE the change!

Education is the answer! Peace Education must be part of our educational system.

WE must BE the solution to global health.

Peace Education does not take anything away – it only adds something that is very much needed: the education of consciousness towards a PEACE MINDSET. We are an intricate network of individuals woven together to create a rich fabric of humanity blended in a limitless weave of possibilities. Together we make a beautiful world.

When the facade of separateness no longer directs our actions, the result will be a world where people are relaxed and at ease, where they discover and develop their strengths in a non-judgmental, accepting environment. The need and cost of healthcare will diminish. The impact of fear and judgement will decline. Children will be safe and they will flourish. Economies will thrive and self-worth will inspire people to contribute their highest offering in a world that will be enjoyed and enjoyable by all.


Swami Umesh Yogi

Affectionately known as “Swami Ji,” he was born into a Brahmin family in a small village in central India. His sadhana began at the early age of 8. From his earliest years, he exhibited deep understanding of life, extraordinary kindness and BIG LOVE for all.

Swami Ji was a personal disciple of two

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Global Sin

All the governments in the world have been punishing the culprit generation after generation. But who brings the new culprits? Who brings the new culprits? It is a lack of proper education, where people will throw their emotions unduly like that. So take care of education and you’ll not be required to commit global sin.”


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are very friendly and always open to discussing new projects, interesting ideas, student work or opportunities to be part of an event.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and empower a harmonious society where citizens are fulfilled, productive, proactive and happy.

Swami Umesh Yogi has been sharing his practical and easy peace systems throughout the world for the past 18 years. In that time he has taught tens of thousands of people throughout Europe, India and the United States.

One-by-one and country-by-country, let’s make every person and every nation great again.

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